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Upgrade Your Home Instead of Moving

Jun 6, 2017

Home renovation is really popular this time of year in Chicagoland.

With Chicagoland median prices and home sales on the rise, homeowners who were considering relocation may find it’s a better time to upgrade their current home, instead of moving. Think for a moment beyond a fresh coat of paint, reupholstering grandma’s chairs, or changing the knobs on that flea market find dresser. Instead, this may be the perfect time to invest in yourself, making your current home your dream home, with the help of Hines Supply.

Here are some ways you can upgrade your home instead of moving:

1. Kitchen – Working with a Chicago lumber store that has relationships with the top mills and manufacturers across the country means a dream kitchen is within your reach. Hines Supply can offer you a variety of wood species, stains, and paint colors to remodel your cabinetry. Working with your designer – or one of the professional designers at Hines’ Kitchen & Bath Showroom – can allow you to rework your entire kitchen from changing out the basics to a full renovation. Consumer Reports notes that the upgrades you make to your kitchen may provide the highest rate of return regarding future home value increases, but it’s more than just the money - make one of these changes for your own enjoyment:

A. Refresh your layout to become highly functional while looking fantastic - add an island, expand your counter space or install pull-out shelving.
B. Replace older and mismatched appliances for energy efficient and current design models.
C. Add appliances that will make your house feel like your home, such as a built-in coffee maker, wine refrigerator, or warming drawer.
D. Upgrade countertops to a natural, durable material, such as Cambria quartz.

2. Bath – Like the kitchen, you can remodel within the existing framework or design a whole new space. Your local Chicago lumber store would have the materials and expertise to design new cabinets, shelving units and countertops – even frame out your soaker tub with the same wood as your new cabinets.  Add new hardware, accent tile or flooring – and don’t forget a fresh new set of towels to match your new design! Why move when you can make these changes and enjoy your home upgrades?

3. Doors – From the main entry door that invites you and your guests into your home, to your bedroom and bathroom doors, now may be the time to upgrade these features.

A. Hines Supply carries a range of interior door products from French Doors to bifold, louver, and many more. With a new door, you have the flexibility of trying any number of new finishes, from wood stains to complimentary paint colors.
B. There are hundreds of doors to choose from including metal, wood, or fiberglass options, and those with or without window features.

4. Flooring – Upgrading your floor can serve to complement new design elements in the kitchen, bathroom, or any room. If you’re unclear about what material best suits your lifestyle, each certainly carries its own advantages. However, if the goal is to keep increasing the value of your home so that later when there is a market shift you can fetch top dollar, look toward the natural hardwood flooring first.

5. Stairs and Railing – It’s likely that when you were planning to go home shopping, a refreshed staircase and railing wasn’t at the top of your wish list. But, when looking to upgrade your home instead of moving, you can add safety and style by making this change.

Hines Precision Stairs offers on-site consultations to make sure you get the exact design you want within your desired budget.  They offer a wide range of different woods to choose from, from classic to exotic species, as well as the metal or wood balusters to complement your look. And, they’re all custom-built in Kirkland, IL.

6. Roofing and Siding – Perhaps you’ve held off on upgrading your roof. But, if you’re thinking about staying in your home instead, give it the chance to become your dream home. One way to do this is by upgrading the exterior as well as the interior. Adding a new roof and siding will not only increase the value of the home, but will fully transform the aesthetic of your home to give the exact right first impression and curb appeal you’re looking for. 

7. Decking and Railing – Whether you start on the inside and work your way outside, or decide to celebrate the season and have the best summer barbeques on the block, a refreshed deck area can change your whole home experience. Hines Supply carries all of the materials from the decking and railing to hardware, trim, fencing, lighting and more to help you take your concept from design to ready-to-use.

8. Windows and Patio Doors – Updates like windows and patio doors can make a dramatic improvement aesthetically, but also may provide for great energy savings, too. Energy Star (yes, the same one that rates modern appliances) reports that the savings for a typical home may amount to $126–$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows. $27–$111 a year over double-pane, clear glass replacement windows. Again, those are savings per year, so amortize that over how many more years you remain in your home once you’ve invested and maybe you’ll want to stay instead of moving.

9. Additions – If you’re working with a builder to make your current home your dream home, perhaps that means adding on that extra bedroom or bathroom, finishing out the basement or attic, or adding a mother-in-law apartment to further protect your investment for years to come. A building material supplier such as Hines Supply has the expertise to work with you and your architect to cover everything from the new room’s framing to the walls, floors, and more.

10. Landscaping – If your home has a yard, this is a great time to take it to the next level. Building raised bed planter boxes for a fully self-contained vegetable or flower garden is a wonderful addition. Live in a part of town where you don’t have a lawn? Window boxes and potted plants will go a long way in making your home feel like an oasis.

With all of these home enhancements at your fingertips, how can you even dream of moving?

Whether you partner with a private designer or work in tandem with the resources available through your local Chicago design showroom and lumber store, this is the time to invest further in the home you’ve made your own now, taking the time to upgrade instead of moving.