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From Sketch to Finish...

Dec 12, 2016

Dream kitchens top many home improvement lists, with fixtures, appliances and yes, cabinets having the biggest impact on kitchen transformation. Whether your fantasies are fueled by densely-populated Pinterest boards or stacks of magazines laced with sticky notes, taking your favorite cabinet ideas from dream kitchen to reality is much less daunting than it seems.

Using technology CAD (Computer Assisted Design), it’s now easier than ever for product consultations to yield the results you’ve been dreaming of—even the ones you’ve drawn on paper napkins and pieces of junk mail. The experts at Hines Supply can take any drawing you might have and quickly turn it into a three dimensional design to help you better visualize your concepts.  Hines Supply can then use the final dimensions to fabricate and install all of the pieces needed to make your dream design a reality.

Though kitchens are the obvious go-to when talking cabinetry, cabinets create invaluable storage in garages, mudrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms, too. Since the sky's the limit, here are some ideas to consider adding to your wish list:

Center Islands

Chances are, your kitchen paradise is on an island (or has one at its center, anyway). Center islands and peninsulas are the perfect ways to use an abundance of floor space to create sought-after storage space. How the storage in your custom center island looks is completely up to you. Mix-and-match shelves with cabinets to display your cookbook collection while concealing tupperware behind closed doors.

A center island also anchors a kitchen. Try coating an island’s cabinets in bright paint to introduce an accent color. Make it pop by using natural wood on an island when the rest of a kitchen’s cabinets are white. Beveled cabinet fronts and ornate casters make an island feel like a piece of furniture rather than kitchen cabinets, especially when open shelves and an elevated body are in the mix.

Glass or Wood Doors

Or open shelves? It’s all preference. If your clean white dishware will add the perfect touch to your Mod kitchen, a simple stained-wood shelf may be just what you’re after. Beveled glass top cabinets may be the perfect pairing to the solid glass foils finishing those sleekly contemporary bottom cabinets you’ve been envisioning. The look you’re after, your cooking style, organization preferences, and your dishware will all impact what combination of kitchen storage you choose and how that storage is (or isn’t) concealed. Smooth, unbeveled cabinets in Earth tones foster a contemporary look, especially when void of pulls. Crown moulding and cabinet overlays combine contemporary-chic with tradition to create a warm, rich feel. No matter which design concept you’re after, don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Cabinet Style

Cabinet style includes cabinet finishes, construction materials, and most importantly, structural  design. When choosing cabinets for one room, consider the cabinet design of other rooms, especially in open floor plans. Here are the biggest influencers determining overall cabinet design:

Full Overlay

Sometimes Full Overlay cabinets are called European or Frameless cabinetry. Full Overlay cabinet fronts (meaning doors and drawers) are sized to cover most of the cabinet face. Fronts fit almost flush against each other, leaving minimal visual space in between.


In Inset Cabinetry, door and drawer fronts lay inside and are framed by the cabinet face. Inset cabinets lay flush with cabinet frames when closed. Inset cabinets are complex and require a great deal of time and skill, often making them more expensive than other options, but provide an unrivaled, classic elegance. Due to wood’s inherent expansion and contraction characteristics, inset cabinets can be a poor choice in areas where humidity can fluctuate substantially.


Overlay Cabinets can be thought of as a hybrid between Full Overlay and Inset cabinets. This style is typically the easiest on the budget. Cabinet fronts lay on top of cabinet frames (like full overlay), with the cabinet frame clearly visible around each door and drawer.


Thermofoil cabinets are constructed of composite panels rather than wood. They’re wrapped in solid-color vinyl and are a good substitute to painted cabinetry.


Mullions are a beautiful way to add a custom touch to glass cabinets. With a unique design perfect for your dream kitchen, mullions are decorative wooden features that overlay glass cabinets, creating dimension while letting your favorite dishes peak through.

Leaded Glass

Leaded glass cabinets are very similar to glass cabinets finished with mullions. In leaded glass finishes, metal designs overlay glass and are secured to the door’s frame.

Stain & Paint

Simply put, stained cabinets let natural wood grain patterns shine through, whereas paint conceals it. You can get the best of both worlds by using whitewashed paint that adds color while maintaining the cabinet’s natural woodgrain. Combining stained cabinets with painted creates a contemporary look. You may paint lower cabinets white and stain upper cabinets, using a pop of colored paint to accent the center island. Glaze finishes are used over paint to tint base color and create a brush-stroked look, while heritage paint takes shabby-chic a step further. Heritage paint gives the look of an antique piece that has been refinished over time. Layers of color are revealed when a stain color is applied to a cabinet before it is painted. Corners and edges are scuffed to remove paint and uncover patches of stain. Patinaed doors are another take on the antique look. Patina finishes are created when drawers and doors are distressed and then glazed, and corners are darkened.

Boot Benches

Boot benches are especially useful when the kids are still at home. As customizeable as center islands, boot benches can include as many lockers, cabinets, hooks and cubbies as your space allows. Benches are the perfect seat for pulling on boots or wiggling a toddler’s foot into a tennis shoe. Storage space below a bench can be cubbies that hold shoes or cabinets to house the dog’s leash and chew toys. Hooks are useful for jackets, purses and umbrellas while multiple lockers are a fun way to organize outdoor gear by the individual—whether that be “his and hers” or each kid having his/her own storage space. Imagine a boot bench with storage lockers in your entryway or mudroom.


Built-in entertainment centers are the perfect way to organize and conceal your tv components, while still displaying tasteful decorations or family portraits. In open floorplans, kitchens often flow seamlessly into living rooms. In these cases, consider kitchen cabinetry design when designing your built-in entertainment center. Built-ins can frame your flat screen or tuck it behind closed doors when it’s not in use. Many modern remote controls can communicate through cabinet doors, meaning those sharp lines in your contemporary cabinets won’t be compromised during screen time.